Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Noon Turf Care customer satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. As a customer, if you ever feel that your service is not satisfactory, please contact us at 1-866-547-LAWN, or by visiting the Current Customer area of our website. If a service call is needed, we will respond within a 48 hour period. With a no charge for service calls policy every effort will be made to correct any of your lawn care concerns.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Noon Turf Care Performs throughout the season, and automatically renews from season to season.


Our service continues from application to application year after year unless you contact us. In some instances, a request to cancel service is taken after a service invoice has been printed and is in a scheduled route with a technician for that day. In this case, every attempt will be made to notify that technician to avoid service being performed. In this scenario, if we are unable to reach that technician, or if the service has already been completed, your service termination will become effective after that particular treatment and you will be asked to return payment for that service. For more information, please contact 866-547-LAWN.

Gates and Pets

Pets must be indoors and all gates must be unlocked for a scheduled service to be performed. If you need notification prior to our visits, please request a call ahead in the notes area of the sign-up process. We are able to call and leave a voice message the day prior to performing your scheduled service. Our technicians are very careful about closing gates before they leave, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard, therefore, you accept our service with this provision. Noon Turf Care is not responsible for lost or injured pets.


If Noon Turf Care happens to damage a sprinkler head or other property while performing a service, please contact us at 866-547-LAWN. We will repair or replace the damage as soon as possible.

Easy Pay

Payment for each customer’s service is conveniently billed to their debit or credit card each week the day after their lawn is treated. Printed account activity is available upon request.


Prepayment offers a discounted rate for customers choosing to pay for an entire season’s services at once. All prepayments are non-refundable.

Financial Information

Financial information is information that you provide to us, including your debit or credit card number and related billing information (collectively, the “Billing Information”). We require such financial information in order to process payment for the purchase of a Product or Service that you have requested. By submitting your financial information, you consent to our providing it to those Authorized Third Party Service Providers (as later defined) as necessary to support and process your transactions as well as your credit card issuer/banking institution for their purposes.  Noon Turf Care will collect and use information obtained from credit card transactions only for busines and billing purposes. These business purposes include the payment of past due balances.

Declined Cards

In the event that a card is declined, we will try the card again the following day. If the card does not go through a second time, the customer’s remaining services will be put on hold until we are able to reach the customer. If the customer responds quickly with another card, we will promptly put them back on the schedule with no late fee or fee for changing cards.

Customer Service

Customers can reach customer service at www.noonturfcare.com anytime or at 1-866-547-LAWN between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Contact Us

Email us anytime at info@noonturfcare.com or call 1-866-547-LAWN Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm. Thank You.