Noon Turf Care Founders and Owners Attend Harvard Business School’s OPM Program

Noon Turf Care’s founders, Matthew and Christopher Noon attend Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents 3 Week Program.


Matt and Chris Noon, founders and owners of Noon Turf Care attended Harvard Business School for a 3 year intensive President’s program from May 12th-June 1st. The OPM Program’s curriculum is geared towards owners and presidents of companies that have revenues of over 10 million dollars. The program covers the fundamentals of running and leading large companies covering topics such as accounting, finance, leadership, strategy, marketing and innovation. This total emersion program runs for 3 week periods over the course of 3 years. There are over 2,000 applicants that apply each year from all over the world and only 160 people are chosen per semester. For 3 weeks executives live on Harvard’s campus and are taught the Case Study method of learning which Harvard created in the early 20th Century. Business leaders are taught over 3 case studies per day and learn on authentic and current business cases on companies such as Amazon and Coca Cola. Matt and Chris will return next year in March to start Module II of the 3 year program.


mcharvard Noon Turf Care Founders and Owners Attend Harvard Business School’s OPM Program


“We were honored to be selected by the world’s best university and we were humbled to study amongst such an elite group of business professionals. Needless to say, we learned a tremendous amount on cutting-edge business concepts and we learned even more from the fellow students that attended from countries such as China, India and Brazil,” Says President of Noon Turf Care Matthew Noon.


The Noon brothers are looking forward to continuing their education at Harvard next year. In the meantime, they have their work cut out for them applying all that they learned. Module II will go deeper into all of the concepts taught in Module I.


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Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiser

Noon Turf Care’s founders and principals Christopher and Matthew Noon donate a full year of complimentary lawn care for the silent auction at the “A Concert for Calle” fundraiser.

BenefitAuction Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiserauctioncancer Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiser

When the two founders of Noon Turf Care, Chris and Matt Noon heard of a sick little girl in their community that desperately needed funds to help pay for her care and the research of her rare and incurable disease they jumped on the opportunity to help. Tom Graf and his band “Aged Inventory” collaborated with the financial firm Standish to play a fundraiser show and Noon Turf Care was thrilled to help by donating a complimentary season of lawn care for the silent auction portion of it. The concert was a huge success and hundreds of people attended to raise the funds needed for cancer research. Principals of Noon Turf Care Chris and Matt Noon donate to dozens of these types of auctions per year to help raise awareness and funds for very important non-federally funded cancer research charities to aid the ones that need the most help.

“The concert and fundraiser ‘A Concert for Calle’ was a huge success and we were just happy to be able to lend a helping hand. Tom Graf of Standish did a tremendous job organizing such a successful event for Calle.” Says Noon Turf Care’s President, Chris Noon.

About Noon Turf Care: Noon Turf Care was started in 2001 by brothers Christopher Noon, Seton Hall graduate class of 2000, and Matthew Noon, Boston College graduate class of 2002. It started as a small internet based Lawn Care Company that provides Massachusetts residences and businesses with fertilization services for lawns, trees and shrubs. Noon Turf care is a privately owned company that prides themselves on providing exceptional and personal service in an industry dominated by large national chains. Noon Turf Care services over 8,000 customers and has a team of over 50 lawn and horticulture specialists working for the company

Massachusetts Lawn Pest Control Do-it-Yourself Tips

NoonTurfBugGuide Massachusetts Lawn Pest Control Do it Yourself Tips

You spend precious time and money making your lawn look perfect, but in a matter of days, lawn pests can undo all your hard work. Common lawn pests like chinch bugs and mole crickets can turn your lush green lawn into a disaster with yellow patches and dead grass. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you suspect something is eating away at your grass, try a home test to see if one of the many common lawn pests is infiltrating your yard. A bucket of soapy water poured over a patch of your lawn will irritate the skin of bugs and bring them to the surface. Once you determine the cause, try a treatment plan to get rid of the pests. Of course, if you have a bigger problem on your hands call in the professionals..

Remember to take precautions when using at home pesticides and chemicals. They are often not safe for pets and may irritate a child’s skin, and yours, if contact is made. Always use protective clothing when spraying chemicals. Keep pets and humans away from treated areas for at least 24 hours.
These simple tricks can help keep your lawn healthy and free of pests. Have a recurring problem? For a stress free way of eliminating bugs and keeping them away, call Noon Turf Care and have us routinely check and treat for problems.
Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal

Hudson, MA December 18, 2012 — Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal as #11 on its annual Top Growth Companies in Central MA, an exclusive ranking of Massachusetts’ top growth private companies in 2012. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—Massachusetts’ independent-minded entrepreneurs.

“We are honored to be listed as one of the WBJ’s Top Growth Companies in 2012. Needless to say, we are all very proud to be part of a growing organization that as a team pursuit the goal of excellence in the service industry. We are very proud of our team for achieving such growth in 2012 and we are grateful to have such a loyal customer base to achieve this recognition.”says Matthew Noon, President of Noon Turf Care.

110925 NTC 7306 web small Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal

Chris Noon (left) and Matthew Noon (right) stand in front of their fleet of service vehicles in early 2012.

Noon Turf Care is a privately owned Massachusetts based lawn care company that was founded in 2001 by brothers Christopher and Matthew Noon. Noon Turf Care offers chemical and organic fertilization services for lawns, trees and shrubs for residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Noon prides itself on delivering exceptional customers service and the highest quality products in an industry dominated by large national publicly traded companies. Noon has a staff of over 50 horticultural specialists and is the largest privately owned lawn care company in the state with over 6,000 customers and projected revenues of 5 million dollars in 2012.

By Matthew Noon Google+

Stephanie Lee of Noon Turf Care was Announced to be a 2012 Top CFO of the Year Finalist by The Boston Business Journal

Stephanie Lee, CFO of Noon Turf Care in Hudson, MA was nominated by the Boston Business Journal as a finalist as CFO of the Year for small companies in Boston, MA.


sleeCFO2012 Stephanie Lee of Noon Turf Care was Announced to be a 2012 Top CFO of the Year Finalist by The Boston Business Journal


Stephanie has been the financial Controller for Noon Turf Care for the past eight years and she was named CFO in 2009. Under Stephanie’s Leadership Noon Turf Care has grown from a five person start-up in 2006 to a 50+ employee operation servicing over 6,000 customers. She has led all of the financial initiatives for the company and carved out an entire department for the small start-up.


Boston Business Journal’s 4th annual CFO of the Year Awards includes Five categories: publicly traded companies; large private companies (over $50 million in revenue); midsized private companies ($20 million to $50 million in revenue); small private companies (under $20 million in revenue) and nonprofit organizations. Honorees are selected based on their leadership and accomplishments in guiding their businesses’ financial operations, as well as community involvement.


“Everyone at Noon Turf Care is very proud of Stephanie’s nomination and no one deserves it more. Stephanie is a very modest person who’s financial skills and work ethic speak for themselves. She quietly leads by example at our company,” says Matthew Noon, president of Noon Turf Care.


Stephanie is also passionate about volunteer and fundraising work outside of the company and has started and run several fundraiser organizations for cancer patients raising over $100,000 since starting them. Stephanie lives in Shirley, MA with her boyfriend Kevin and her golden retriever Jethro.