Noon’s New Partnership with Lesco Golf Course Grade Fertilizer!

Noon Turf Care is proud to announce their new partnership with Lesco Fertilizer Products for 2014.  This winter the Noon Turf Care owners visited and toured their manufacturing plant in Lebanon, PA before signing the deal.  Needless to say Noon Turf Care was very impressed by Lesco’s quality control and packaging facilities.  Lesco’s slow release fertilizers are the best in the industry and they are now manufacturing and packaging a specific blend for Noon Turf Care and your lawn.  Their patented slow release fertilizer is designed to provide time released nitrogen and nutrients into your lawn so that the release is gradual and will avoid burn or growth surge.  Lesco has been the leader in premium 
lawn fertilizers for over fifty years and we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with them!
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Everywhere I look, there’s dandelions

Dandelions are one of the most common lawn weeds in Massachusetts. As I walk my dog through my Worcester neighborhood or drive to work and really pay attention to what I see, I see lawns littered with dandelions. Odds are if your neighbor has dandelions, your lawn will be susceptible to its spread. Here is a neat little info-graphic (printer friendly!) that gives you some more information about this popular nuisance. Noon Turf Care’s customized 7-step lawn care service program includes carefully blended organic based fertilizers, pre-emergent crabgrass controls, and broadleaf weed controls to help these folks with their lawns. So hey you, reader… yea.. you… getting more information is easy, just submit a quote right there on the right side.



The Noon Lawn Care Program with Free Lawn Lime Treatment


LCfreeLIME The Noon Lawn Care Program with Free Lawn Lime Treatment

The Noon signature Lawn Care Program. This is the kind of loving care and feeding that leads to showcase lawns. These are the lawns that win thumbs-up from neighbors, and give owners a feeling of achievement and pride. Noon Turf’s Care’s customized 7-step lawn program with weed control is a year-round, multiple-approach system that builds an ordinary lawn into a glowing, picture-book vista. Sign up for your free Lawn Lime Treatment.*

*New programs only.

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Dollar Spot reported in Massachusetts towns

Over the past week, we have noticed a some reports of Dollar Spot in Massachusetts towns., specifically in towns like Waltham, Leominster, Shrewsbury, and Worcester.

dollarspotblog sm Dollar Spot reported in Massachusetts towns

Noon Turf Care Fungicide Treatments for Dollar Spot Noon Turf Care Noon Turf Care
Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiser

Noon Turf Care’s founders and principals Christopher and Matthew Noon donate a full year of complimentary lawn care for the silent auction at the “A Concert for Calle” fundraiser.

BenefitAuction Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiserauctioncancer Noon Brothers donate a full year of complete lawn care for Cancer fundraiser

When the two founders of Noon Turf Care, Chris and Matt Noon heard of a sick little girl in their community that desperately needed funds to help pay for her care and the research of her rare and incurable disease they jumped on the opportunity to help. Tom Graf and his band “Aged Inventory” collaborated with the financial firm Standish to play a fundraiser show and Noon Turf Care was thrilled to help by donating a complimentary season of lawn care for the silent auction portion of it. The concert was a huge success and hundreds of people attended to raise the funds needed for cancer research. Principals of Noon Turf Care Chris and Matt Noon donate to dozens of these types of auctions per year to help raise awareness and funds for very important non-federally funded cancer research charities to aid the ones that need the most help.

“The concert and fundraiser ‘A Concert for Calle’ was a huge success and we were just happy to be able to lend a helping hand. Tom Graf of Standish did a tremendous job organizing such a successful event for Calle.” Says Noon Turf Care’s President, Chris Noon.

About Noon Turf Care: Noon Turf Care was started in 2001 by brothers Christopher Noon, Seton Hall graduate class of 2000, and Matthew Noon, Boston College graduate class of 2002. It started as a small internet based Lawn Care Company that provides Massachusetts residences and businesses with fertilization services for lawns, trees and shrubs. Noon Turf care is a privately owned company that prides themselves on providing exceptional and personal service in an industry dominated by large national chains. Noon Turf Care services over 8,000 customers and has a team of over 50 lawn and horticulture specialists working for the company

Massachusetts Lawn Pest Control Do-it-Yourself Tips

NoonTurfBugGuide Massachusetts Lawn Pest Control Do it Yourself Tips

You spend precious time and money making your lawn look perfect, but in a matter of days, lawn pests can undo all your hard work. Common lawn pests like chinch bugs and mole crickets can turn your lush green lawn into a disaster with yellow patches and dead grass. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you suspect something is eating away at your grass, try a home test to see if one of the many common lawn pests is infiltrating your yard. A bucket of soapy water poured over a patch of your lawn will irritate the skin of bugs and bring them to the surface. Once you determine the cause, try a treatment plan to get rid of the pests. Of course, if you have a bigger problem on your hands call in the professionals..

Remember to take precautions when using at home pesticides and chemicals. They are often not safe for pets and may irritate a child’s skin, and yours, if contact is made. Always use protective clothing when spraying chemicals. Keep pets and humans away from treated areas for at least 24 hours.
These simple tricks can help keep your lawn healthy and free of pests. Have a recurring problem? For a stress free way of eliminating bugs and keeping them away, call Noon Turf Care and have us routinely check and treat for problems.
Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal

Hudson, MA December 18, 2012 — Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal as #11 on its annual Top Growth Companies in Central MA, an exclusive ranking of Massachusetts’ top growth private companies in 2012. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—Massachusetts’ independent-minded entrepreneurs.

“We are honored to be listed as one of the WBJ’s Top Growth Companies in 2012. Needless to say, we are all very proud to be part of a growing organization that as a team pursuit the goal of excellence in the service industry. We are very proud of our team for achieving such growth in 2012 and we are grateful to have such a loyal customer base to achieve this recognition.”says Matthew Noon, President of Noon Turf Care.

110925 NTC 7306 web small Noon Turf Care Ranks in the Worcester Business Journal

Chris Noon (left) and Matthew Noon (right) stand in front of their fleet of service vehicles in early 2012.

Noon Turf Care is a privately owned Massachusetts based lawn care company that was founded in 2001 by brothers Christopher and Matthew Noon. Noon Turf Care offers chemical and organic fertilization services for lawns, trees and shrubs for residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Noon prides itself on delivering exceptional customers service and the highest quality products in an industry dominated by large national publicly traded companies. Noon has a staff of over 50 horticultural specialists and is the largest privately owned lawn care company in the state with over 6,000 customers and projected revenues of 5 million dollars in 2012.

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Noon’s Fall Fertilizer Application and Leaf Cover

A short video blog that informs homeowners about fall fertilizer applications and leaf cover. Nick explains that since we use granular fall fertilizer applications, our customers will get greater benefit over those lawn care providers who use liquid fertilizers. For more information about our lawn care program, please visit this link

As always, LIKE us on Facebook! You can save $5 on your next application and keep up with all the fun and helpful lawn care news and tips. Also, we would just really appreciate it if you liked us icon smile Noons Fall Fertilizer Application and Leaf Cover

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Noon Turf Care built intrinsic value by offering a free webinar

intrinsic%20value Noon Turf Care built intrinsic value by offering a free webinar
by: MATTHEW NOON | April 19, 2012 |
Link to Full Article Here

This past fall my best friend purchased his first home. For those that have never owned a home, one is never truly prepared for all of the maintenance that is required.

In the days that followed, my friend called me many times with questions regarding his landscape. When do I stop mowing my lawn? What type of fertilizer needs to be applied to the lawn? Do I have to do anything with my irrigation system before the ground freezes? Do I need to prune or treat my trees and shrubs? These are all questions that being in the business for 12 years I could answer swiftly and easily. But what about for a new homeowner that never had to worry about these types of maintenance issues? Then it dawned on me, although our company is always available to answer these questions from our clients, what if we became more proactively engaged with them through education on these subjects?

My business coach had the idea to reach out to our client base and any other contacts we have to proactively educate them on property maintenance. In November of 2011, Noon Turf Care free webinars were born.

Building value. There are no sales or lead source reports that can be pulled to determine success on how many services or clients are “sold” via a webinar. However, we are doing something worth far more. We are building goodwill and intrinsic value. By doing so, we take ourselves out of the commodity-based industry and into an entirely new niche of service where value is added to the service experience with originality. When we build a resource such as a webinar by using our expertise, the consumer no longer views us as just “another” lawn care or landscape company trying to sell “stuff.” Don’t get me wrong, our company sold more than $2.5 million of new business in 2011, but we have always approached selling by adding value first. We want to make sure to expand our client base. These should include variations of clients that are buying on price as well as clients that are buying on value and loyalty. The latter are where we build long-term and sustainable growth in a company.

Gathering an audience. As we constructed our first webinar we wanted to convey a sense of urgency to our clients so that they would actually go online on a Saturday morning in November and log into the webinar. We used the approach of winter as our message of urgency to our New England clients. We named it “Winterizing your property for 2011,” and we broke down each aspect of the outside property into sections.

• Company overview
• Panel of expert speakers
• Fall property maintenance
• Irrigation winterization
• Landscape care
• Turf care preparation
• Winterizing power equipment
• Tree and shrub specimen care
• Specific specimens
• Q&A

Our presenters included a turf grass specialist, an arborist, a property maintenanceprofessional and a power equipment expert. But not to worry if you are a young or new company and you don’t have that type of experience on your staff. What you are presenting for the most part is not rocket science. However, it is to most consumers, and so that is why we needed to carefully explain everything in detail in the presentation.

The presentation consisted of approximately 50 power point slides with detailed pictures and bullet points. The presentation lasted about an hour and we also had about 30 minutes of questions and answers at the end.

We advertised the presentation a month prior to the event via post cards and emails to our company database and to every other contact list that was available.

We offered clients a free tree and shrub property evaluation from our certified arborist as incentive to sign up. We had customers, friends and families all sign up for it, and ended up with 40 attendees.

Gaining an advantage. I was very surprised at how many questions the attendees had for us. We engaged the attendees in dialogue by having all of the presenters discuss their seasonal winter challenges with their properties. From there it sparked an array of questions and that was what really turned the webinar into a success.

We want to separate ourselves from the bigger national companies by bringing a different approach to our industry. Our next webinar will be launched in the early spring. It will focus on spring property maintenance. We are excited to continue these presentations and hope to expand the audience based on the word of mouth success we have received.

The author is president of Noon Turf Care in Hudson, Mass.

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Watering, the When and Why of Proper Lawn Care Maintenance


Whens and Whys of Watering

By:Scott Vitale


Natural rainfall isn’t enough for two reasons: It doesn’t ensure an adequate amount and it isn’t distributed evenly enough. This is especially true after a recent fertilization. Many factors go into determining the amount of water that different stands of turf require. A lawn is better off with a good watering that will soak in to the proper depth for your specific soil type. Consult with your lawn care professional as you determine how much and how often to water your lawn. Watering too frequently can cause more annual weeds, shallow grass roots and more chance of disease due to constant moisture. Too much water will replace oxygen in the soil, and gradual decline of the turf will ensue.

An irrigation/ watering system set on timers can be the difference between a MEH lawn and a WOW lawn!

sprinkler Watering, the When and Why of Proper Lawn Care Maintenance



– More water is required under trees since they take in more moisture from the soil.


– One inch of water will penetrate 12 inches into sandy soil. The same amount will soak in six to 10 inches in loam and only four inches in a clay-based soil.  You’ll need to adjust your water accordingly, based on soil condition.  Compacted soil will be more likely to allow water to run off and requires a core aeration to remedy and modify.


– A slope allows water to run off as opposed to allowing it to percolate into the soil.  It also means more water is lost to evapotranspiration due to sun exposure if the turf faces south or west.


– How often and how much has it rained?  A rain gauge may be helpful.

Properly placed and directed sprinkler heads are a must for proper watering!

sprinklerhead Watering, the When and Why of Proper Lawn Care Maintenance


– When is your turf getting enough water?  Check for wilting of the grass around noon time.  If you can walk across the lawn and leave footprints, it needs water.  A bluish tint is an alarm that turf is mere hours from dormancy.


Q – What’s the best time of day to water?

A – Best time to water is early morning or late afternoon.  These times are desirable because there is generally less intense sunlight and wind at that time of the day. The least desirable time of day is mid-afternoon when water is lost to evapotranspiration.  Late in the evening isn’t good either. This allows the grass blades to stay wet, opening up the turf to whole host of fungal pathogens and encourages disease development.

Q – My lawn is drought stressed.  What is the least amount of water my turf can withstand?

A – During extended drought periods, you might opt to water as little as possible due to watering restrictions. To keep the grass crowns alive, turf requires a half-inch of water per week. To keep the roots functioning, one-third to one-half inch every two weeks is required. Water normally when possible. And remember, if watering isn’t possible, turfgrass plants will enter summer dormancy to protect themselves. When water becomes available, the turf will respond accordingly.

Q – So under normal conditions, how much water does my turf need?

A – Temperature is key. Cool season grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescues and perennial ryes require the right amount every week to remain actively growing when temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees. If temperatures are above 85, turf may require an extra half-inch per week. Temperatures of 90 degrees and higher signal a need for an extra inch to keep grass actively growing.

Video: Lawn Care Tips: Watering


Catch this exclusive video from the about proper watering.