Do Pests Come Inside in Colder Months?


We all want to stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter, and that includes pests as well as people. That means that, starting in the fall, we have to be particularly vigilant to make sure our homes do not become Pest Motels.


Here are some great tips to make sure your home is ready for a pest-free winter.


Check your foundation and window and door moldings for any cracks or crevices where critters might be able to sneak in. A simple caulk can do wonders if you do find any.


Eliminate clutter. The less stuff you have piling up in cupboards and cabinets the better as far as preventing hiding places. In a similar vein, throw out unwanted paper and cardboard boxes. These items, too, are attractive to pests.


Make sure you have plenty of food storage containers with tight-fitting lids. Similarly, store firewood away from your home so pests can’t easily make the leap indoors.


Examine pipes for leaks and call the plumber if necessary so you don’t have any pools of water within your home, inviting bugs, among other issues.


Finally, use screens on any household vents to further thwart critters looking for warmth.


It’s Mow or Pay Up in Augusta, Georgia


The city of Augusta, Georgia does not like overgrown grass and some residents have learned that the hard way.


In fact, some property owners have received bills for clean-up without any advance notice of what the city planned to do – and then did. These owners simply saw charges on their property tax bills, but did not receive any information about the dates clean-up took place. And they are not happy about it.


According to the city, this method saves taxpayers money because the focus is on cleanup rather than notification.


Augusta’s Environmental Services department recently took over the maintenance of empty, overgrown lots from the city’s Code Enforcement department. Residential lots, however, remain under the purview of Code Enforcement.


A contractor now takes care of the empty lots and is apparently not required to give owners a 10-day notice of the work it plans to do. Property owners that don’t pay could face liens on their properties.


How to Bring Plants Indoors for the Winter


By the time outside nighttime temperatures start to hit 45 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to start thinking about bringing your houseplants indoors again. Cold air can damage delicate leaves or cause flowers to drop. But it’s not as easy as simply carrying them inside. Instead, you’ll want to first make sure to check them for pests on the leaves and within the soil.


Leaf-dwelling pests include aphids, spider mites, spiders and gnats. In order to check your plant for these and other pests, look at the leaves – including the undersides – and stems. To remove them, simply give the plant a good watering with a gentle spray or place the entire plant in a bucket of water. If you still see pests on your plants after taking these steps, consider using an insecticide.


Potential pests in the soil include slugs, earwigs and ants. Larger pests are easy to remove by simply picking them off. To remove bugs that are harder to see, use the bucket-dunk step described above. For larger plants, use an insecticide.


Noon Turf Attends Record Job Fair


On October 8, over 500 local and area residents attended the third annual Marlborough Works! Job Fair at the Marlborough Courtyard Marriott. It was a successful turnout, with companies such as Boston Scientific, Ken’s Foods, Prudential Financial, FedEx Ground and more participating in an effort to find qualified local talent. Marlborough Mayor Arthur Vigeant was quoted by Joan Simoneau of the Community Advocate as saying “this year’s job fair surpassed all my expectations”.


Read the full story here:


Noon Turf Care Helps Raise Funds for Local Schools


Two of the team members from Noon Turf Care took to the links on Thursday, October 2 for the 23rd annual MALCP Golf Classic at Butter Brook Golf Club in Westford, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals, MALCP, is the official association of lawn care professionals in the Bay State. The event was raising money for local schools. Congrats to Kevin and JT for a round well played!


Read more on Total Landscape Care:



Noon Turf Care at MALCPs Annual Golf Tournament 300x216 Noon Turf Care Helps Raise Funds for Local Schools

Kevin Schofield and JT Todd of Noon Turf Care at MALCP’s Annual Golf Tournament





















Turf Wars: Voters to Decide on Artificial Fields in San Francisco, New Jersey

“I don’t want my son playing on artificial turf,” said Edward Pertcheck, a San Francisco architect and active opponent in the battle to install four new artificial turf soccer fields in the city’s Golden Gate Park. Pertcheck, however, was not always in disagreement, but after further research, concluded that natural grass’ benefits beat those of artificial turf in nearly every category. Not only is the artificial turf thought to be linked with cancer, but it also requires maintenance and must be replaced every 10 years. Alternatively, there are those who support the effort. Conversation regarding the planned replacement of a natural grass field with artificial turf has also been rampant in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Michael Stewart, a Glen Rock resident and parent of two, openly supports the use of artificial turf expressing that “You have to go based on what the research already tells you. … There’s really no scientific basis for linking a cause to cancer with these fields — yet. It’s a reliable, more durable and in some cases it’s a much safer surface when it comes to physical injury”. The debate continues in both cities, but voters will have the final say on November 4 when the decision will be up to ballot results.

Chris Noon’s Article in Turf Magazine

Our own Chris Noon wrote a column for Turf magazine’s October 2014 issue, discussing the personalization of a sales approach.


“Like any other service industry, leaders of lawn care and landscape companies increasingly need to be selling by being personal. Personalized sales can be a refreshing experience for the consumer,” Noon says.


Read more in October’s issue of Turf.


Turf October 2014 Get Personal With Your Sales Approach 249x300 Chris Noons Article in Turf Magazine

Get Personal With Your Sales Approach. Turf, October 2014,.

Chris Noon featured in October 2014 issue of Turf Magazine

Our own Chris Noon was featured in this month’s issue of Turf magazine, discussing the pros and cons of aerial property measurement software.


One of the pros he mentions is speed. Noon Turf Care is able to call leads back within five minutes to give estimates, usually resulting in a closed sale.


Find out more about aerial property measurement software in this month’s issue of Turf.


Turf October 2014 View from the Top 250x300 Chris Noon featured in October 2014 issue of Turf Magazine

View From The Top. Turf, October 2014.

Noon Turf Care attends Marlborough Works 2014!


Noon Turf Care attended Marlborough Works! job fair on October 7, 2014 at the Courtyard by Marriott-Marlborough Ballroom. The job fair was as part of Mayor Arthur Vigeant’s initiative to increase local employment. There numerous companies from various industries there to take part in the event. Noon Turf Care was happy to participate, collect outstanding resumes and meet local applicants.


“The Marlboro Works Job fair was a huge hit! Amazing to see all the local talent and engaging them about the amazing opportunities here at Noon Turf Care. We got some great resumes and hopefully some future leaders here at Noon.” says Kevin Schofield, Sales Manager.


Job Fair 10.07.14 1 300x225 Noon Turf Care attends Marlborough Works 2014!

About Noon Turf Care:  Noon Turf Care was started in 2001 by brothers Christopher Noon, Seton Hall graduate class of 2000, and Matthew Noon, Boston College graduate class of 2002. It started as a small internet based Lawn Care Company that provides Massachusetts residences and businesses with fertilization services for lawns, trees and shrubs.  Noon Turf care is a privately owned company that prides itself on providing exceptional and personal service in an industry dominated by large national chains.  Noon Turf Care services over 8,000 customers and has a team of over 55 lawn and horticulture specialists working for the company.  They are currently the fastest growing lawn care company in New England.  Noon has been listed on INC. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing company list for three years in a row.

 Noon Turf Care attends Marlborough Works 2014!

Sullivan’s ‘Rats’ Book to Be Turned into a Documentary Film

Sullivan’s ‘Rats’ Book to Be Turned into a Documentary Film

Distributors of the documentaries “Blackfish” and “The Cove”, Dakota group and Submarine Entertainment have announced their upcoming release of a documentary based on Robert Sullivan’s bestseller, “Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants”.  In addition to its producers David Koh, Stanley Buchenthal, and Josh and Dan Braun, Sullivan will also consult on the film in order to supply his extensive archive of research material that was not included in the book. “We have been obsessed and terrified by rats living in New York City over the years, and when we read Robert Sullivan’s book, we couldn’t put it down,” the producers said in a statement.  Production of this provocative film will begin early next year.