Noon Turf Care was started over ten years ago by brothers Christopher and Matthew Noon, as a way to earn money for college. It quickly became apparent to them that this could be more than a college gig, however. They saw a real opportunity to create a smarter lawn care company, from the ground up.

A lawn care company that would provide customers with a true professional service experience, beyond merely fertilizing their lawns. A company with a broader array of specialized services, such as tree and shrub care, organic fertilization, flea and tick control, water-saving formulas, perimeter pest control and more.

And a company with smarter, more educated lawn technicians. Chris and Matt insist on education and professionalism, both in their office personnel and in their field staff. All Noon employees attend paid green industry classes and conventions to stay on the cutting edge of lawn care, and are able to provide the most informed consultation and hands-on service in the industry.

Today, Noon Turf Care continues to flourish and fulfill the vision the Noon brothers had early on. A privately owned company, Noon consists of over forty green industry professionals and 35 modern service vehicles, offering its customers an unsurpassed lawn care experience – professional service, premium products and a smarter way to grow.