Noon Turf Care Ranked on Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies for 2012

inc5000 Noon Turf Care Ranked on Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for 2012

Noon Turf Care Ranked on Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies list for 2012. Noon finds themselves ranked #1412 on the 2012 list, with Three-Year Sales Growth of 213%

Inc. Magazine today ranked Noon Turf Care No. 1412 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy—America’s independent-minded entrepreneurs. Music website Pandora, convenience store chain 7-Eleven, Brooklyn Brewery, and Radio Flyer, maker of the iconic children’s red wagon, are among the prominent brands featured on this year’s list. Noon turf Care also ranked 42nd in fastest growing companies in Boston and 92nd in Industry rank. Noon has experienced 213% growth in the past three years and has added over 40 new jobs to its company and local economy.

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NPR West Nile Outbreak in US | Noon Turf Care Blog

West Nile Virus numbers are spiking nationwide. Is global warming driving the outbreak? And is the U.S in line for more tropical disease?


westnile NPR West Nile Outbreak in US | Noon Turf Care Blog


It’s a wild season, already, for West Nile virus. Before 1999, we’d never seen it in the U.S. It was a scourge out of Uganda. Africa. Now, it’s all over the United States. 2012 is shaping up as likely the worst season ever. 700-plus cases already. Dozens dead. Cities spraying. Dallas has declared a state of emergency. And lifestyles are changing as Americans shrink from mosquitoes, dusk, dawn.



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Nutsedge Weed ID Guide | Noon Turf Care

Prepare Your Home for Winter via Frugal Dad

As the dog days of summer begin to grow shorter it is a great time to think about winterizing your home to prepare for the colder months ahead. Snow, ice and sub-freezing temperatures can damage a home’s exterior, leading to costly repairs. Inadequate seals and insulation can force home heating systems to work in overdrive, adding hundreds of dollars to winter utility bills. Implement the following winter preparation tips to save on energy costs and protect your home from costly damage.
Prepare Your Home for Winter | Frugal Dad.

Video Blog Episode 7 – Core Aeration

Short video blog about the cultural practice called Core Aeration. Core aeration is an important step to take if you want a strong healthy lawn.

Lawn Care Companies Fighting Increase in Weeds | Noon Turf Care

weedcontrol Lawn Care Companies Fighting Increase in Weeds | Noon Turf Care

Credit to: Diana Johnsen – ABC Eyewitness News – KCAU-TV

Lawn care companies have seen a big increase in the number of weeds they spray this summer, and it’s all thanks to the heat.

For lawn care companies like Ames Lawn Incorporated in Sioux City, they’ve seen weeds this summer growing stronger than ever.

The heat and dry conditions makes for the perfect atmosphere for weeds to grow.

“Some people really don’t’ realize why they really have so many weeds,” said Ames Lawn Service worker, Bill Ames. “It’s most generally because they don’t water enough and just dealing with the hot dry weather.”

Now, the most common hot-spots for weeds are right next to any cement driveway or sidewalk. Cement absorbs much of the sun’s heat making the dirt around it much hotter and drier.

Ames also said cutting your grass too short can also cause weeds to grow back faster.

So, if you’re going to mow your lawn at all this summer remember to set your mower to a higher height, to cut your grass high and not low.

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Lawn care when there’s a drought


drygrass Lawn care when theres a drought

KINNELON — All over the Northeast these days, dry lawns look a lot more like hay than like green plush grass. Frank Davis of Finishing Touch Landscaping in Kinnelon said brown lawns are an unfortunate byproduct of what most would consider great beach weather.

Lawn care can be complicated in the summer when there’s a drought. May these tips from a professional come to the rescue.

“You have to work with your town’s water restrictions,” said Davis. “But when it is okay to water, watering in the morning and again in the evening is the best option to keep your grass moist and doing what it is supposed to do.”

By that, Davis means lawns have their own ecosystems.

“They produce beneficial bacteria and have a whole food web that goes on in the soil beneath the grass,” said Davis. “When that dries out, it affects the health, and the look, of your lawn.”

Keeping the lawn moist keeps the ecosystem in the lawn operating properly, said Davis.

Along with his team, Peter Rogers and Mike Gormley, Davis has developed a number of tips over the years that have helped his clients grow greener lawns.

“We suggest an empty tuna can so clients get a real indication of how many inches of water their lawn is getting with each watering,” said Davis.

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Lawns, the Quiet Victims of Recession

By Jie Jenny Zou, Wall Street Journal

August 2, 2012, 3:51 PM

WSJlawnblog Lawns, the Quiet Victims of Recession

Cautious consumers often look for places to cut, but one quiet victim of the recession has the opposite problem. Even amid recovery, lawns are often left untended.

“I just thought my money was being wasted,” said Dave Pilon, 42, director of sales at Bouvier Insurance in Connecticut. Mr. Pilon estimated he could save about $300 a year doing lawn treatments himself after he wasn’t impressed by professional services.

“My lawn absolutely ended up becoming a disaster,” he said, describing a yard taken over by crab grass in the past year. Mr. Pilon is signing a contract with another company for lawn seeding and maintenance, but will continue to mow his lawn as he has always done.

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