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What you can learn about Matt and Chris’ Noon Turf Care

highnoon What you can learn about Matt and Chris Noon Turf Care



Noon Turf Care is on the grow. Customers. Revenues. Employees. Service vehicles. You name it.


Even in this wobbly, uncertain economy, this Massachusetts lawn care company, ran by brothers Chris, 35, and Matt Noon, 32, keeps adding to its presence in the state. More importantly, say its owners, it keeps returning profit enough to fuel the growth.


“People often forget about that part, especially in our industry that’s so focused on growth. If it’s not top-line growth, you’re just spinning your wheels,” says Chris, the company president.


Even after increasing its revenues 150 percent these past three years (considered to many to be the toughest three years the green industry has ever experienced), the brothers have managed to keep the company in the black.


They’ve done it by dividing responsibilities – each brother bringing his particular expertise to the company and by using technology and Web-based services such as Google Earth Pro ($400 annual fee), which facilitate progressive ways to sell and manage their services. The company also employs a “fantastic IT phone system”, says Chris, that links in all company employees and records vital conversations.


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Stephanie Lee of Noon Turf Care was Announced to be a 2012 Top CFO of the Year Finalist by The Boston Business Journal

Stephanie Lee, CFO of Noon Turf Care in Hudson, MA was nominated by the Boston Business Journal as a finalist as CFO of the Year for small companies in Boston, MA.


sleeCFO2012 Stephanie Lee of Noon Turf Care was Announced to be a 2012 Top CFO of the Year Finalist by The Boston Business Journal


Stephanie has been the financial Controller for Noon Turf Care for the past eight years and she was named CFO in 2009. Under Stephanie’s Leadership Noon Turf Care has grown from a five person start-up in 2006 to a 50+ employee operation servicing over 6,000 customers. She has led all of the financial initiatives for the company and carved out an entire department for the small start-up.


Boston Business Journal’s 4th annual CFO of the Year Awards includes Five categories: publicly traded companies; large private companies (over $50 million in revenue); midsized private companies ($20 million to $50 million in revenue); small private companies (under $20 million in revenue) and nonprofit organizations. Honorees are selected based on their leadership and accomplishments in guiding their businesses’ financial operations, as well as community involvement.


“Everyone at Noon Turf Care is very proud of Stephanie’s nomination and no one deserves it more. Stephanie is a very modest person who’s financial skills and work ethic speak for themselves. She quietly leads by example at our company,” says Matthew Noon, president of Noon Turf Care.


Stephanie is also passionate about volunteer and fundraising work outside of the company and has started and run several fundraiser organizations for cancer patients raising over $100,000 since starting them. Stephanie lives in Shirley, MA with her boyfriend Kevin and her golden retriever Jethro.